Saturday, January 3, 2015

Baby G Says Good-Bye to 2014 And To His Balls

Baby Gangsta is recovering nicely from his neutering while 3 of the other 5 cats nap in a cozy cluster. Blackie lounges in his hammock. Finally the lady cats of the house are no longer being harassed. It was like living in a U of Virginia frat house.

Durham, NC

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Lifestyle

Why board your cat in an unfamiliar scary environment when you could have a loving, caring cat nanny to hug and kiss your feline friends good- morning and good-night and be available for their every need in their very own home? I can update you with professional quality pictures of your feline family, and facilitate Skype sessions if you desire.

I can also bring in the mail and water any plants.

I am headquartered in Durham, NC. I have many years of professional cat nanny experience. I've also cared for chickens, frogs, fish, alpacas and llamas. But cats are my specialty.

Live-Out I charge between $20-25 per visit.
Live-In 24/7 services require a one week minimum and at least a three week advanced notice so I can plan accordingly. - Prices vary.
I'm often in L.A and NYC.

I've cat sat in major cities such as Hollywood, CA and Philadelphia, PA and NY,  to smaller cities like Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, to rural places like a ranch in northern GA and an alpaca farm in Oregon City.

I work mostly from home in multimedia (film resume available.) I'm the director of the Bull City International Film Festival. My first feature length screenplay recently won the NC Arts Council Fellowship. If formal education impresses you, I'm a Duke grad from the Center for Documentary Studies and studied film at UCLA. I also have over 5 years experience working in property management.

This blog will chronicle my adventures in cat sitting. Please feel free to contact me with any cat sitting needs you may have. Many references available.  My


                                 2015 New Years Day selfie with Panda. Durham, NC