Saturday, May 2, 2015

Back In Durham!

Sometimes I think Durham, NC is the epicenter of cat ownership. All cat nanny roads seem to lead me back here. There is always a cat owner traveling and in need of live-in feline care.

After being on the road for the last year; a cattle ranch in Georgia with 4 cats, a Philadelphia penthouse with one cat and 1 frog, then back to Durham with the 5 cats on 9th Street, then back and forth to my aunt's beach house on the coast, 1 cat in Chapel Hill, then living with a friend in New York City....I am more than ready to settle down for a while and not see my suitcase for a long time.

Began this cat sit in April 2015 and will be here through February 2016. Pewter and Sweetie Pie's mom is working in Australia over the next year.

Pewter is 6 years old and a food addict. He weighs 19 lbs and through regulated food intake and a cardio routine he will hopefully be reaching his goal weight of 15 lbs.  His sister Sweetie Pie is 12 years old and a light eater. She prefers cuddling to eating, definitely living up to her name.