Sunday, December 31, 2017

In Meowmorium: Gone But Not Furgotten

A few of my regular feline friends crossed the rainbow bridge this year.


Carlotta was originally from Italy. She was adopted along with her twin sister, Francesca by an American family working abroad. Sadly, her sister did not survive kitten hood, but Carlotta persevered and immigrated with her family to Chapel Hill, NC where she lived for over 2 decades as the queen of her English Tudor castle. I have encountered few cats as sweet and loving. She always wanted to be held and would grab your face with both paws and lick your nose. A loud meow was usually a command to chase her up the long staircase where she would lead you to a designated belly rubbing area, or an invite to follow her outside and join her lying on the grass and watch the sky. She was not only a fantastic friend, but also the puurrfect accessory to any outfit.

Skinny Cloud:

Skinny was born to be a star.  He was a purebred Tonkinese working the Cat Fancy circuit for the early part of his kitten hood, winning many blue ribbons. Soon he was adopted by a family in Durham, NC. He arrived early one morning by special hand delivery. He was loved by many humans and his feline brother, Boots. His favorite activity was getting piggy back rides, and in his golden years, lounging by the fire place. He passed just a few days shy of his 22nd birthday.


Klondike's parents found him beat up in an alley in Philadelphia. He had been declawed and then left in the street to fend for himself. The victim of many bullies, he learned to fight back by making a fist and punching. When dinner wasn't served fast enough he would punch me in my shoulder till I got up and served the tuna.  He reminded me of a kangaroo, often on his hind legs ready to throw a punch. When the doorbell rang at his penthouse flat in Center City, he ran meowing to the door to greet whomever it was. He was friendly but liked to sit in front of me when I was talking to people and if they approached me in what he considered to be too loud or quick of a move, he would growl at them. He was named Klondike because his parents liked to proclaim, "When he found us he struck gold!"

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas time means cats, cats, cats!

I've been visiting 10 different cat houses over these last 2 weeks, caring for over 20 felines. Here are just a few of them who were willing to pose.